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Transformers DOTM Battle Ops & Jetwing Optimus Prime

Transformers DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime
-Does not Transform
-Highly Detailed Paintwork
-Pinstripe Flames

-Heavily Modified
-Metal Smoke Stacks
-Articulated Wrist Joints
-Articulated Fingers
-Articulated Waist
-Articulated Waist Tire Flaps
-Modded Tires
-Modded Arms
-Modded Thigh Joints
-Modded Legs
-Blue LED eyes (Original Truck and Optimus Prime Sound Mechanism still works)
-Leader Class 10 Inches Tall

Transformers DOTM Battle Ops Optimus Prime
-Highly Detailed Paintwork
-Pinstripe Flames

-Heavily Modified
-Transforms from Normal Truck Mode to Full Armoured Battle Ops Mode
-4 Blue LED for Highlights
-1 Red LED for Rear light
-Original Truck Sound Mechanism with Yellow LED still works
-Leader Class 4.5 Inches Tall, 10.5 Inches in Length

Weapons can be used for both modes
-2 Pistols
-2 Blaster Guns with 2 Modes
-1 Sword + Shield
-Jetwing Flight Pack


EOAS (Eyes of a Snake)
-LED / Wiring / Battery Supplier

Jacky Chiah (Jcartwork) & Gerald
-Base and Prime, basically the one who got my a** back to Airbrushing / Gerald for Photo-taking Tips & Tricks

Frenzy Rumble
-Smoke Stack Tutorial, Pinstripe Tutorial

Topby (TB Productions)
-Flame Stencils, Pinstriping, & Advance use of the Airbrush

Z (Zildjian)
-LED Wiring Tutorial, Photo-taking Tips & Tricks

Super excited about this project, and has to be the biggest project of my customizing career yet !!! This is my first prime ever and I sure learnt a lot from this project, my first time wiring LEDs, first TF Kitbash, first time PINSTRIPIN', first time using stencils... A lot of experiments done, time and effort spent on this project and I hope it shows !!! Had a big and long list of people I have to thank, check out my Credits List... I wouldn't have done this alone, thanks for the help guys !!! :D

-dotm jetwing prime
-first movie prime

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