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TMNT Leonardo Final (Samurai Age) Version 2

TMNT Leonardo Final (Samurai Age) Version 2
-Highly Detailed Paintwork
-Heavily Modified
-7 Inches Tall

-Reshaped and Fine tuned Head Sculpt
-Removable Shoulder Armour
-Removable Waist Armour
-Dragon Sculpture to Chest Armour
-Samurai Helmet that can be attached with a miniature rope
-Removable Bandanna Back Flap

-1 Leonardo Sword with Sheath
-1 Long Staff, that can combine with Leonardo Sword to form "Guan Dao"
-1 Samurai Sword with Sheath
-2 "1/6" Scale Diecast Swords with Sheath

Commission work for a cool client !!! The client wanted something from the TMNT Final I did, I don't prefer making identical or duplicates so I used the pluses from the 1st version, improved and added new pluses for the new one... The dragon sculpture alone cost me 2-3hrs to sculpt (Yeah SLOW POKE)... All in all I'm really satisfied with the results and if all goes well should be handing the custom to my client to cash in !!! Kaching !!! :D

-sic zanki
-various samurai spawn armour

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